Academic Work

Below is a representative and abbreviated sampling of sections in my CV. If you want to have a look at the full and updated document, which includes conference presentations and public lectures, or if you would like a copy of any of the items listed below, send me an e-mail! I am available to guest lecture for classrooms, churches, conferences, and family dinner tables.


Set the Prisoners Free: Christianity and Prison Abolition
// Institute for Christian Studies, W20

The Soul of Soulless Conditions
// Institute for Christian Studies, F19

Organized Religion: Christianity and Anti-Capitalism in the US and Canada
// Institute for Christian Studies, W19

Peer-Reviewed Articles

“Podcasting: Pedagogy, and the Inheritance of Clandestine Broadcasts” in Keywords in Radical Philosophy and Education, ed. Derek R. Ford (London: Brill, 2019), 301-316, with Matt Bernico

“Žižek’s Ruptured Monism: A Comparative Typological Reading of Less Than Nothing,” Philosophia Reformata, 38(2) (2018): 177-203

“Catholic Air Conditioning: Laudato Si’ and the Overcoming of Phenomenology,” The Heythrop Journal, 58(6) (2017): 931-941

“Atmoterrorism and Atmodesign in the 21st Century: Mediating Flint’s Water Crisis,” Cosmos and History, 13(1) (2017): 156-189, with Matt Bernico

Book Reviews

Roland Boer, Red Theology: On the Christian Communist Tradition, in Studies in Religion/Sciences Religieuses (October 2019), 500-502

“Seeing Through a Bubble Darkly”
// An und für sich, Symposium: Neoliberalism’s Demons by Adam Kotsko, February 11, 2019

“Three Ways Helmut Gollwitzer Can Help Christians in the US Think About Socialism”
// Theology Corner, Symposium: Our God Loves Justice by Travis McMaken, September 17, 2018

Ontic Flows: From Digital Humanities to Posthumanities
// Journal for Cultural and Religious Theory, 2017

Jean-Pierre Couture Brings to Life the Ongoing Oeuvre of Peter Sloterdijk
// Journal for Cultural and Religious Theory, 2016

Peter Sloterdijk on Social Bonds, Freedom, and Religion
// Journal for Cultural and Religious Theory, 2016

Convener and Editor: “A Ground Motive Symposium on Lambert Zuidervaart’s Religion, Truth, and Social Transformation”
// Ground Motive, 2016