Writing and Media

Below is a non-exhaustive list of my writing, covering journalistic reporting, public philosophy and theology essays, and some odds and ends. Much of my most recent writing is in print at Geez Magazine, where you should subscribe! In particular, I like to write about religion, the left, and the arts. If you want me to write for your publication, send me an email at ddettloff@icscanada.edu!

Selected Work

America Magazine: The Jesuit Review

“The Indigenous people of Canada want an apology from Pope Francis”
// June 11, 2021

“In Toronto, a young carpenter is building ‘tiny shelters’ for the homeless. The city isn’t happy.”
// April 23, 2021

“Catholics in Quebec are leaving the church in droves. Can reinventing parish life save it?”
// February 25, 2021

“In Canada, a religious community dedicated to social justice faces its last days”
// September 4, 2020

“How Canadian Catholics are responding to George Floyd’s killing and Black Lives Matter”
// June 24, 2020

“Catholic and public school teachers begin to strike in the face of education cuts”
// February 11, 2020

“Two 2019 strike anniversaries recall Christian role in Canada’s labor movement”
// December 24, 2019

“How a ‘green’ church in Toronto teaches theology through design”
//August 23, 2019

“The Catholic Case for Communism” [Feature]
// July 23, 2019

“The radical Benedictine sister who fought for Catalan independence”
//July 11, 2019

“An Irish monk breathes new life into liturgical art in Toronto”
//June 12, 2018

“Why indigenous people are crashing Canada’s 150th birthday party”
// August 3, 2017

National Catholic Reporter

“Why hasn’t Pope Francis apologized in Canada? Ask the bishops.”
// July 6, 2021


“Is Pope Francis a Liberation Theologian?”
//October 26, 2021

“The Recent Amazon Union Effort Failed–Churches Can Help”
// April 28, 2021

“The Socialist Catholic Sister”
// November 19, 2018

Geez Magazine

“Civil Disobedience” [sample of regular column]
// Fall 2020

“Inside, Outside, All on the Same Side! A Conversation with Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee”
// Spring 2020

“The Apocalypse of COVID-19”
// March 20, 2020

The Bias

“The Nadir of Saint Louis: Against Christian Cultural Heritage”
// August 24, 2020 [with Matt Bernico]

“Liberation Spirituality for a Global Pandemic”
// May 2020

Class Collective Magazine

“When the Sickle Meets the Cross: Speaking with Dean Dettloff about Christianity and the Left”
//May 2022

Progress Alberta

“Bizarre as it is to say, we could use a zealous Catholic Kenney”
// January 20, 2021

Broadview Magazine

“It’s time for Christians to throw in with the working class”
// February 13, 2020

Commonweal Magazine

“May Day Saint: The Radical Ministry of Fr. Thomas Hagerty”
// May 1, 2019

“St. Bernadette’s Blockhouse”
// January 20, 2019

People’s Voice

“Church joins growing chorus calling for end to sanctions”
// June 12, 2020

Personal Writing

“Blindspots on the ‘Christian Left’ Beat”
// May 24, 2019

“Liberal Cynicism Is Crap — You Should Know It Is, and You Should Say It Is.”
// May 27, 2016

Around the Web

“Paul Virilio”
// Political Theology Network, April 27, 2021

“We Christians, or Our Racist Christian World”
// Ground Motive, August 17, 2020

“Christmas Eve: Liberating Christmas from Capitalism”
// Radvent, December 24, 2019

“Seeing Through a Bubble Darkly”
// An und für sich, Symposium: Neoliberalism’s Demons by Adam Kotsko, February 11, 2019

“Three Ways Helmut Gollwitzer Can Help Christians in the US Think About Socialism”
// Theology Corner, Symposium: Our God Loves Justice by Travis McMaken, September 17, 2018

A Religious Left Means Sabotaging Oil Pipelines, Not Voting For Democrats
// Tikkun Magazine, September 12, 2017

“Violence On All Sides”
// Ground Motive, November 20, 2017

“Our Digital Ecology”
// World Association for Christian Communication, February 18, 2017

“A Reformational Eco-Socialism?”
// Ground Motive, August 11, 2016

“Laudato Si’, Fracking, and Air Conditioning”
// Ground Motive, June 26, 2015

“Navigating the Crisis of Movement: Rupture, Repetition, and New Life
// The Other Journal, October 8, 2015

Podcast Appearances

“Communism for Christians”
// Faith and Capital, March, 2020

“A Catholic Case for Communism”
// Owls at Dawn, November, 2019

“Arcane Book Club of Horror – Vampyrotheutis Infernalis”
// Horror Vanguard, August, 2019

“Christian Leftist Roundtable”
// A Different Lens, May, 2018

“Christian Socialism: The Fusion of Faith and Revolution”
// Revolutionary Left Radio, September, 2017