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A reflection on writing from Judge William

Another great gem from Either/Or II, found immediately preceding the parable about the giant:

Dixi et animam meam liberavi [I have spoken and unburdened my soul], not as though up to now my soul had been ensnared and just now has relief in this protracted expectoration–no, this is merely healthy breathing in which my soul has enjoyed its freedom. As you know, the Latin for “breathing” is respiratio, a word that signifies the inhaling of what was first exhaled. In respiration the organism enjoys its freedom, and thus I, too, have enjoyed my freedom in this writing, the freedom that is mine every day. (153, Hong Edition).

Something about this quote strikes me as deeply resonating with what I’m attempting to do via blogging–unburdening my soul, enjoying my freedom.


2 replies on “A reflection on writing from Judge William”

Hmm. I’m not sure, to be honest. For me, the passage hit me as a good expression of the exercise of writing in general. My mind gets cluttered and things pile up, I forget to hang up my ideas in the right closets. Writing, and in this case blogging, is a good way of getting those things out and dispensing with the anxiety of thinking itself in order to breathe a bit more freely.

That coupled with the typical anxieties of life and being in a period of intense studying this month may yield some stress to it as well, however.

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