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Upcoming Interview with Ed Mooney

I am very pleased to announce that I will soon be posting an interview with Edward F. Mooney. Ed is an incredible scholar of Kierkegaard, Thoreau, and Bugbee, among other figures and things. I have found him inspiring in my own research, and he has been a great help to the development of this blog. The interview has taken quite some time to complete, and Ed’s patience with my leaves of internet absence is a great testament to the kinds of things he presents us with in our discussion. He takes up every question I pose, even questions he discerns within questions, and runs with them—and not just sprints, but marathons of expressive and lyrical reflection. My deep and heartfelt thanks to Ed for his willingness to participate in this event with me. Before conducting this interview, Ed had been a wonderful guide in his commentary on Kierkegaard. During and beyond this interview, he will surely continue to be a wonderful guide, now expanding his influence well beyond the already life-encompassing realm of his impressive work on Kierkegaard.

You can find Ed’s works available on his Amazon page. His most recent release, Excursions with Kierkegaard, is a wonderful work which I am just now completing. It comes highly recommended and serves as a great introduction to both Kierkegaard and Ed’s own interests.

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